Raj Rajeshwari Tilak

Raj Rajeshwari Tilak

The herbs and plants used to make this tilak are rare to be found . The 108 types of productive items are used to make it . This in turn involves positivity in the mental disposition of an individual . this is made for people who are dealing or responses from people around you.

You can also attain your wishes and desires by using it. This is most useful for actors, dramatist, musicians, magicians, teachers, professors, politicians, businessman, managers, shopkkepers and sales people.

By placing in your forehead – such are the benefits

  1. You get a lot of adulation and praises by the people around.
  2. You can woo people and they get attracted towards you.
  3. You achieve best results in your behavior toward society in general
  4. You get success in your field of interest.
  5. You aspirations and goals get the right push the benefits this tilak cannot be explained in words and its effect and benefits can only be desired after using it.

How to use – After the daily bain and chanting of the mantra below, this tilak should be applied with a silver knitting needle and in a elongated frame mantra is as follows

Ayang hring shring kling mam sarv jan vashmanye.