Kuber Tilak

Kuber Tilak

Dean riches the immense wealth deity-Shri kuber property. "the literal interpretation of" dhanik kuber i.e God of wealth who has plentiful reserves are defined as the God of Mammon | yakshon meditation, worship, daridray havan, yagna etc away from seeker. Mr. kuber and Sri Lakshmi g dear bhasmon and herbs, nature objects granted amazing blending of materials by Tilak has been built. It holds on to the head you will have a power of attraction originated so that your aura will be graceful and attractive collegiate | The lure of power all of your life functions Tilak in attracting others desire your mind will help meet.

Method of applying Tilak: Am: time chant the following mantra once nahadhokar by Tilak silver Pathfinder or the length in the middle of a bent twice in the head, etc.


Oṃ yakshay kuberay vaishravnay money dhanyadiptaye samriddhin dehi dapay mann Yeh Sunday Kyun AATA Hai.
"OM OM hrin shrin hrin clin viteshvaray shrin moist:"

See the following benefits by applying Kuber Tilak:

  • It generates awareness of karma you from applying.
  • It put you in a strong longing to earn money-property occurs.
  • It does have a sense of the savings you Tilak.
  • This Tilak in you through others desired ability have come to work.
  • Enhance your decision-making.
Following five types of goods is Laxmi ji always happy:

Panchgavya - cow urine, cow dung, cow milk, cow ghee, cow curd, o these dadhi panchgavya bichaen and Lakshmi g purification, Pew sits.

Panchamrita - cow ghee, cow clabber, cow milk, holy water and honey. Get the five bath.

Panchapallav-exceed the leaf, Sycamore leaf, people, leaf will make the leaf and leaf pilkhan bath.

Pancharatn-gold, silver, copper, coral and Pearl from abhushit.

Panchadravya-Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Kaveri, godavari river water.