Construction of the bhasmon extremely rare and Tilak blend of herbs is done by | All signs and nakshatras are associated with this blend of herbs is in the varddhak bhasmon, and mental and physical strength remembrance power increase has been a unique blend of herbs that commandment by commandment in the cycle on the cycle length is always awakened and brain waves are also abhavan | Increase your mental concentration and memory, it is extremely helpful. Education for children and adults to achieve it is extremely useful in special muhurt scholar Brahmins the Tilak by Gayatri mantra by havan, yagna was abhimantrit.

Special precautions: The night before the gold must delete the head Tilak.

Method of applying Tilak: Gayatri mantra once CAL am onwards by Jaap nahadhokar Tilak as a Pathfinder, bent twice in length in the middle of the head, etc.

Gayatri mantra is as follows:

OM Bhurbhuv: Swah: tatsaviturvarenyan. Bhargo devasya dhimhi, Dhiyo yo nah: prachodyat.

See the following benefits by applying Tilak Gayatri:

  • Your remembrance power sharp.
  • You charm is power.
  • Your concentration is increasing in strength.
  • Increase your religious tastes.
  • Increases your learning seems to be interested in as well.
  • Is your imagination grow.
  • Your ability to make decisions is increasing.
  • You start taking interest in the implementation of the plans.
  • Do you and the other starts to draw.
  • Increase your efficiency seems to be unprecedented in the.
  • You can watch live protected from impurities.