Astrology Training in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, hyderabad, kolkata, mumbai India

Astrology Training in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, hyderabad, kolkata, mumbai India

Over the past millennium most of the true knowledge has disappeared, but true knowledge has no bounds. Especially Indian knowledge of meditation (sadhna), yoga, and Philosophy illuminating the path of world peace and brotherhood since ages. Indian knowledge of Indian sages and their principles are true system of life, than mere knowledge. They achieve full perfection and harmony with the nature, by using their principles they could perform seemly impossible facts.

Indian Veda's, Purans, Shastra and other Indian spiritual texts are full of examples but in today’s scenario some so called ‘rational’ minds dismiss them as mere myth and superstition.

To enlighten the masses someone needs to break the myths and uphold the sanity of true knowledge through science and scientific methods, which is a necessity of today’s educated society.

Kaulacharya Jagdish Sharma (known as Acharya Jagdishanand Tirth) took up this challenge to rejuvenate the ancient Indian sciences. He started his work from the grass roots level in 1980. He gathered all his knowledge from his guru Shri Shri 1008 Bum Bum Baba Kauleshwar Prakashanand Tirth ji. He deeply studied all vedas, purans, upnishads and other ancient text of spiritual sciences. He started his work for the common people of society to help them through his knowledge of mantras and sadhna which did a lot of magic work for them. He has spend more than 25 years in spiritual sciences like Astrology, Numerology, palmistry, Mantra and yantra, Sadhna and siddhi, Signature analysis, Swar vigyan, Body language, Personality development, Indian vedic rituals, healing, gemology, Mudra Vigyan, meditation and color therapy and many others known and unknown subjects of the spiritual field.

His main object of learning these sciences is to find the scientific reasons behind the all remedies related to spiritual sciences. Apart from Astrology, He has authored more than 20 books on various subjects like Swarodaya Tantra, Bhookamp Shoodh, Body language, Vivah Guun Milan (Marriage Compatibility), Apni Janampatri swayan padein, Hastakshar vigyan, Vedic Vaastu, Pehchan Aapki. A set of nine books on gemstones( one book per stone), A set of twelve books based on moon signs named Aapki Rashi aur khaanpaan. The concept of writing Aapki Rashi aur khaanpan is to give remedies for common people through foods only. You can call it foods for astrological remedies. He has also written hundreds of articles in leading newspapers and magazines of the country. He has done a lot of TV shows on various spirituals channels and on radio.

He has devoted his time and dedicated his life to find out the scientific reasons and logics behind ancient Indian sciences to vanish all myths, taboos misconceptions and misapprehensions. You can discuss on any spiritual and allied topics, or you can discuss any problem or if you need any spiritual guidance then you can contact us or you can schedule an appointment with Gurudev Kaulacharya Jagdish Sharma Ji.