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Over the past millennium most of the true knowledge has disappeared, but true knowledge has no bounds. Especially Indian knowledge of meditation (sadhna), yoga, and Philosophy illuminating the path of world peace and brotherhood since ages. Indian knowledge of Indian sages and their principles are true system of life, than mere knowledge. They achieve full perfection and harmony with the nature, by using their principles they could perform seemly impossible facts. To enlighten the masses someone needs to break the myths and uphold the sanity of true knowledge through science and scientific methods... Read More

Divyantak Mani - A Miraculous Device For Mankind

"Divyantak Mani" is an outcome of divinity, spiritual and scientific approach, to achieve high degree of medicinal properties. The combination of all the three is mandatory for its effectiveness though it in itself is a tedious and one of the most complicated processes which enables the ‘MASTER HEALER’ to rejuvenate and empower the dead and blocked energy in a human body to flow profusely and achieve optimum levels of health gains, thus eliminating the possibilities of any kind of diseases and illness which could pose a potential threat to the physical and mental condition of a human body. Divyantak Mani has proved to be one of the most effective tool because of its touch-free healing process (TFHP)as it has superseded all the other techniques of healings practiced all across the world especially U.S.A. which is known for bio-energetic healings.

No wonder why Divyantak Mani is considered to be a boon for mankind as it has undergone various processes while in making, it has absorbed not just the herbs, metals and salts but the soul of all the three ingredients customized for different diseases, that is one reason why many a times people facing severest of physical problems are cured within one single healing when Divyantak Mani is focused on problematic areas of the patient.
To develop such a miraculous power which is a boon to the mankind one requires to posses knowledge, skills and capabilities of very high discipline, strong dedication and will. Accompanied with years of experience in Geo-Cosmic and Spiritual Research Scientist Kaulacharya Jagdishanand ‘Tirth’ who has been bestowed with the honor of ‘Kaulacharya’ status pertaining to the study of correspondences and cycles involving earthly phenomenon (5 Elements or Panch Tatv) and Cosmic Events, Astor, Occult and Paranormal Sciences has dedicated his entire life for this noble cause which has benefitted and enlightened many by the grace of this divine instrument.
From an early age, Kaulacharya Jagdishanand ‘Tirth’ was able to converse, see and transform energies. He has worked with leading Scientists, Saints and Ayurvedic Experts on various energy healing methods like Soul healing, Theta healing and ancient Indian energy healings and conducted ground breaking experiments with different types of herbs, salts and metals for more than 20 years.